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Antique Salesman Sample Delaware Punch Cooler with Bottles

Very unique antique salesman sample Delaware Punch cooler with 3 glass bottles. Cooler is metal while bottles are glass. One lid lifts up and features the bottle opener on both sides. Spanish advertising on 4 sides. Cooler measures 6 5/8” X 4 ¼” X 4 ¼” (L X W X H).

Condition as seen in pictures is fair to good. It’s an old piece with expected paint loss, rub marks, and scratches. The advertising is
mostly intact, except on one side where the decal has worn off – approx 50%. Few bends and dings but displays nicely The bottles are
in excellent shape – with all advertising intact with metal bottle caps. No cracks or breaks. There used to be liquid in these, which
has evaporated leaving remnant staining.

All in all, this is a very unique antique advertising piece. I’ve only seen one other, and it was in real rough condition. The cooler may have had some other purpose in addition to being a salesman sample as there are slots and a hole on the bottom (see picture). It probably had 6 bottles at one time as there are only 3 now. Compared to the salesman sample Coca Cola coolers and the salesman sample Pepsi Coolers, this is a very unique soda collectible that would be worthy of someone's collection.

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