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Authentic Restored Tokheim Clock Face "Farm" Gas Pump

This is a very unusual miniature "Farm" gas pump made by the Tokheim Corporation, Fort Wayne Indiana. The pump is a model 40 (I believe - but it is hard to make out) and was commonly used on farms, ranches, airports etc where cash transactions were not necessary. These pumps are much shorter in stature and very simplistic in functionality. Most of them were simply used as filling stations and did not feature globes, advertising, etc. The measurements of this pump are 39" (H) X 21 1/2" (W - from side to handle) X 10" (D).

This is the most common of the "Farm" style pumps - as simplistic box style with a clock face dial used for dispensing fuel.

The pump has been restored, however there is still some minor denting near the base and minor paint imperfections present. However the pump displays wonderfully. The original face was retained and the pump has been gutted to lessen weight, however the pump is still quite heavy and thus is not functional. These pumps are becoming increasing popular with collectors and those who appreciate the nostalgic look. These gas pumps are easier to move and sell at a fraction of the cost of what a full size pump sells. I estimate this pump to be from the 1950's - 1960's.

Any advertising on the pump are in the form of magnets and or decals as these pumps are left mostly plain for the customer to fully customize. Additional decals and magnets available and can be made custom. Please inquire.

These pumps are a great compromise from the larger and much heavier standard sized pumps. Those interested in antique gas pumps, petroliana collectibles, and unique automotive advertising tend to love these machines for home decor, man caves and garages alike.

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