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Rare Seeburg Shoot the Bartender Ray-O-Lite Game

Rare Seeburg Ray O Lite Shoot the Bartender game manufactured in the late 1930's. From research, I believe this was a Chicken Sam conversion. This is a very hard to find game that first used Ray O Lite technology in a shooting game that allowed guns to fire a ray of light at a target. Different themes were offered, and this one is the Shoot the Bartender theme from the early to mid 1940's. I know very little about this machine as this is well above my expertise (and knowledge!). Up until I acquired it very recently, I didn't even know these games existed. Very cool.

As for condition - everything appears original and mostly intact with no damage. It appears that the AMP is missing (which from research was common with these). I'm assuming this would go right in the middle of the cabinet below the track and bar. To the left is a motor which appears to be intact and original. Looks to be in very good shape. The bartender has a sensor on each arm - both are cracked. The background and theme appear to be really nice shape with only minor rubbing and rolling of the edges. I'm assuming the track is complete, but I really don't know what could be missing, if anything.

The cabinet has some weathering on the back where the slabs of wood have become a little weak (these are pretty thin pieces of wood). The outside of the cabinet has scuffs and scratches and some areas of where the finish has completely worn off - but no bad areas of damage or repairs. There are some cracks, in the wood but it's in pretty decent shape considering. No keys for the locks. The glass in the front is intact. No breaks.

The gun appears in very nice shape with no damage. The wood is very nice with only minor scratches and scuffs. The coin operated gun holder appears to be all original and also in good shape. I believe all the wiring is there and nothing appears to be missing. Coin op looks complete and functional (I haven't tested it yet). All wires intact. Some white paint chipping on the front "Improve Your Shooting" glass front, but overall this unit and the gun are in really nice shape. Some cracks in the wood as well, but all in all this is in very good shape.

So again - the only thing that I know for sure is missing is the AMP. There may be additional missing parts. I have no idea what works or doesn't, and what is complete or not. I'm just going by observation here. Please be your own judge and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or for additional pictures.

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